Various events will be organized during the running of the PV GRID project.

  • 15 National forums (between May and July 2013) presenting to the national PV stakeholder community the status quo of administrative procedures and barriers for PV in their country and other European countries, in parallel with the first outcomes of the discussion on specific PV grid integration issues.
  • 15 National workshops (between January and April 2014) promoting and enforcing towards national level key decision makers and stakeholders the normative and regulatory recommendations of the advisory paper in order to create a better framework for enhancing the hosting capacity and the operation efficiency of the distribution grid thus allowing for larger scale penetration of PV and other intermittent RES-e generation technologies.
  • 2 main final European events will be organized (the first one in September 2013 and the second at the end of the project, in September 2014) to present to the European institutions, energy sector associations and other organizations the results and recommendations of the PV GRID initiative.


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