Austrian PV GRID Forum

Organised by PV-Austria

Organizer: PV Austria
Date: 24 June 2013
Venue: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (Austrian Economic Chambers);
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63, 1045 Wien

On June, 24th, 2013, the Austrian National Forum took place in Vienna. Around 272 participants covering all sectors of the Austrian PV industry (governmental authorities, regulators and legislators, TSI and DSO, other national associations for energy, scholars who study and teach PV integration, engineers and PV installers) were attending the national forum.

The one-day event was divided into two sessions: During the morning session general topics of renewable energy in Europe and Austria were discussed. The main topics were the development of renewable energy in Austria and Europe, its economic benefits but also its problems.

During a round table discussion with representatives of the Austrian political parties their positions concerning  a clean energy supply in Austria in 2020 have been discussed. Also, topics like the necessary political support were discussed. Questions asked by the audience completed the round table discussion.

The second session addressed entirely to the PV GRID. During the first presentation of an Austrian photovoltaic system installer, the bureaucratic requirements by constructing a photovoltaic system were explained  by a practsing expert. Following, during the presentation of  Vera Liebl from PV Austria, the project PV GRID and the results of Austria were presented. Rainer Brohm from BSW Solar presented the German results and his experiences of the integration of photovoltaics in the power grid in Germany. Gerhard Christiner, Managing Director of the Austrian transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid AG, presented experiences and challenges related to the integration of renewables into the transmission network. Eva Hauser from the IZES GmbH showed solutions for power systems of the future and referred to necessary variety and networking solutions. Hubert Fechner, FH Technikum GmbH, presented possible technical solutions for a large-scale integration of photovoltaics and results from the project PV GRID.

During a final panel discussion necessary expansions and costs of power grid have been addressed. The conclusion of this discussion was, that a coordinated approach to manage the current challenges, is necessary. Also, planning is complicated due to the rapidly changing environment and legal framework. Therefore solutions in cooperation with political parties/levels and network operators have to be found.

Agenda: Download it here

Pictures from the Austrian Forum