Belgian PV GRID Forum

Organized by edora

Organizer: EDORA
Date: 27 June 2013
Time: 9:00 - 12:30
Venue: at the CWaPE office (Walloon energy regulator) route de Louvain-la-Neuve 4 bte12, 5001 Namur, Belgium

The Walloon regional forum took place on the 27th of June, in Namur, with a total number of around 35 participants. The forum was seen as a high level discussion panel gathering all concerned stakeholders and experts. In this frame we made no large promotion of the event, but did contact all one by one. Speakers and attendees were covering all the domains of the decentralised energy production and of the electricity grids : consumers, suppliers, producers, DSOs, TSO, administrations, manufacturers, universities, regulators, PV installers,...

The forum was organised in the frame of the Working Group on the development of Intelligent and Sustainable Electricity Grids (REDI in french) organised by the walloon energy regulator. As the REDI WG did deliver its work more than 18 months ago (major principles on the development of intelligent and sustainable grids), this forum was the opportunity to gather again all stakeholders, to present some important running projects and to discuss concrete solutions having in mind the results of REDI. The first presentation was focusing on these results and major conclusions of REDI.

The objective of the forum was mainly to assess the technical solutions proposed by the PV Grid project partners for integrating PV systems on the distribution grid infrastructure. A first part of the forum was dedicated to short presentations of the current projects or concrete experiences regarding the high penetration of PV into the grid. Recalling the challenges we are already facing made the discussion more pragmatic. The aim of EDORA was to start a collaborative process where all participants had the opportunity to share their views and concerns. So, the second part of the forum was an interactive discussion cession, exchanging on the most appropriate technical solutions and their priority ranking.

The forum was the opportunity to have many relevant and interesting exchanges among all stakeholders. At this stage the only conclusion that can come out from the session is the need for monitoring and metering properly at every prosumer. For the moment, without knowing exactly what are the decentralized production and consumption, there is no possibility to define and prioritize the appropriate technical solutions. The “D3.1 Prioritization of technical solutions available for the integration of PV into the Distribution Grid” report was distributed to many participants and considered as a very good background paper for further work. A next appointment has been taken within a few months to assess the normative and regulatory recommendations that allow for swifter and economic implementation of these solutions. Intermediate meetings with key stakeholders are foreseen in the coming months.

Agenda: Download it here