Czech PV GRID Forum

Organized by CZEPHO

Organizer: CZEPHO
Date: 14 June 2013
Time: 09:00 - 14:30

Conference Summary:

The Czech Forum took place on the 14th of June, in Prague, with a total number of 88 participants.  Main discussion topics included technical and other barriers, which impede wide development and connection of PV power plants into the distribution grid in The Czech Republic and possibilities of solving these problems together with use of foreign experiences.

  • The Photovoltaics in The Czech Republic, like in many other European countries, are facing planned suspension of financial support (FIT and green bonuses), effective from 1st January 2014, without introducing any other support tools. According to the conference participants it is necessary to promote even non-financial tools, like net-metering, which could work as temporary solution for reaching grid parity.
  • Problems in The Czech Republic include also, besides unstable environment resulting from retroactive legislative changes, disproportionate waiting periods for connecting the PV power plants into the grid. Waiting period in The Czech Republic takes roughly three quarters of the overall process of realization of the PV power plant. One of the solutions of getting rid of administrative barriers could be, according to the conference participants, simplification of the process of connection for residential power plants with controlled overflow into the grid.
  • Technical barriers of connecting PV power plants into the grid lay particularly in the capacities and specific parameters of distribution and transmission grid, which were not designed for larger development of renewable energy sources. One of the solutions could be a financial support of the storage equipment on the side of the PV´s that could promote larger development of these solutions and significantly increase grid capacity. Here, it is possible to follow the experiences from Germany, where this kind of support has been already introduced.
  • Less expensive solution of the impact of the PV ´s on the grid would be an introduction of voltage and reactive power remote control system also for small PV systems.
  • Other problems of distribution and transmission system connected to the PV´s integration are fluctuations of the power outputs, overflows to high voltage grid and over frequency protection.
  • Solutions of the above mentioned problems in connection with other possibilities of PV development would claim additional experts. It is estimated that only in Europe it could create around 190 thousand new employments. Direct cooperation among producers, companies and universities could provide them with expertise training.

Agenda: Download here

Pictures from the Czech Forum