French PV Grid Forum

Organised by ENERPLAN

Organizer: ENERPLAN
Date: 10 July 2013
Time: 09:15 - 16:15

Success for the French PV GRID conference: recommendations to ease PV grid integration are positively welcomed

In front of a hundred of participants, regulator and grid operators representatives (transport, RTE, and distribution, ErDF) have positively reacted to the European projects’ PV GRID recommendations that were presented during the conference “Towards a large scale integration of PV in the French electricity grid”, organized by Enerplan on July.

A consensus has emerged on technical solutions between different actors in order to reach better solar electricity’s grid integration at large scale. 

Among those solutions, the following could be underlined: self consumption development with / without storage, advanced voltage control for HV/MV transformer or grid services supplying, as active and reactive power control by PV inverter in low voltage.

Enerplan is pleased with these progresses, and, with collaboration with his members, is ready to contribute to technical and regulatory discussions, which will lead to large dissemination of this solution in the near future.

“This is a partnership process in which PV actors are totally aware that the electricity grid is a major link of the change needed to realise the energy swift. We are completely into change management process. Intelligence will solve technical problems but success in this change lies in a fair situation, without loser, and in an effective transparency, especially on costs.” says Thierry Mueth, Enerplan president. 

Conferences roll out

Session 1 – Context: towards a large scale development of PV in Europe and in France

Defining the context, starting from the high potential PV share in reaching EU renewable energy sources commitments, to the observation that barriers are limiting grid access to PV installations, especially in France.

This assessment was confirmed by different PV actors who have explained these issues through their feedbacks.

Solutions to overcome these barriers could probably exist in other EU states. Those presented could be an inspiration to the French politicians.

Session 2 - How to ease the technical PV integration to the grids?

Beyond administrative barriers to grid access, current technical requirements could also contribute to this complex situation.

Thus, technical solutions have been identified, whether they are under development or already available, to allow evolutions on materials used into grid access and integration of PV electricity at different scales.

The aim of the topic is to find among those solutions the ones which will be accurate to the French grid situation and needs. Selection will be made by taking into account solutions availabilities and regulatory evolutions needed. The purpose is to find a compromise between different stakeholders.

Session 3 - PV and grid connection of renewable energy sources to the grid (S3REnR): how to evolve from an administrative centralized planning to a dynamic and pragmatic process?

Following grid connection of renewable energy sources to the grid schemes (S3REnR) coming into force, some disagreements have been raised between PV actors representatives, grid operators and local authorities concerning those schemes and their implementation.

A dedicated working group was settled by the ministry during the 1st semester of 2013, in which, discussions have led to some consensus between stakeholders on specific implementation and reviewing points.

Aim was to define, with stakeholders and administration representatives, at short and mid-terms which possible evolutions will ensure that S3REnR tool will really act in favour of PV electricity development and his large scale integration into the grid.

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