Italian PV GRID Forum

Organized by Assosolare

Organizer: Assosolare
Date: 18 July 2013
Time: 08:30 - 14:00
Venue: Sala delle Mercede della Camera dei Deputati – Palazzo Marini - Rilievo 45° Etichette - Via della Mercede 55, Roma, Italia.

The PV Grid Italian National Forum took place the 18th of July 2013 in Rome and was attended by about 60 people.

Mr. Simoni, President of Assosolare, welcomed the  participants and presented Assosolare to the audience.

The agenda was divided in 3 sessions. The first was focused on setting the context both at Europe and at Italian level, concentrating on the regulatory and infrastructural challenges for the PV sector. Giorgia Concas (EPIA) exposed the European perspective while Mr. De Blasio provided a focus on the Italian market.

Mr. Sonvilla (Eclareon) introduced the PV Grid Project and its goal of contributing to the promotion and development of the PV sector allowing its large scale integration into the distribution grids.

Mr. Zanolla provided an overview of the results of the PV Grid research in Italy concentrating on the proposals coming from the Companies interviewed during the industry survey.

Session 2 focused on the available technical solutions towards a large scale integration of PV in the distribution grid. Rainer Brohm (BSW) shared the PV Grid experience in Germany while Riccardo Lama (Enel Distribuzione) gave the point of view of the major distributor in Italy, stressing the importance of a cost effective balance between grid infrastructural development and the use of other technical solutions to increase the capacity of the grid to absorb larger amounts of  PV generation.

Roland Hermes (RWE) talked the issue from the German DSO point of wiew, highlighting the voltage control solutions as a means of reducing the needs for costly grid expansions.

Simone Franzò (Energy Strategy Group) provided an overview of  Smart grid & storage solutions, drawing on the results of the Smart Grid Executive Report that was recently presented in Milan.

Session 3 was dedicated to a panel debate, moderated by Francesco Ciaraffo (journalist at Quotidiano Energia and blogger at

The debate concentrated on the economic and political aspects of the PV sector providing a high level vision of the PV sector from the point of view of Investors and PV energy operators, as Giuseppe Noviello (HFV, BoD at Assosolare) and Paolo Lugiato (RTR Energy, Vice-president of APER). Mr. Francesco De Mango (GSE[1]*) discussed on the role of GSE in the post incentives era of PV. Roberto Vigotti (SG of Res4Med) shared Res4Med vision of the role of Mediterranean Countries in the development of RES and the benefits for Italian and European Companies of sharing the acquired knowledge and skills in the sector with RES emerging countries.

Each session was followed by a Q&A session where the debate was extended to the Audience.

The Forum was attended by a specialised audience covering all the domains of the PV sector, DSOs, PV Companies, Consultancies, Reserchers, Lawyers, Associations, Engineers (see list of participants).

Mr. Simoni (Assosolare) closed the Forum at 13:30.

Agenda: Download it here