Polish PV GRID Forum

Organised By PV Poland

Organizer: PV Poland
Date: 6 June 2013
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: Orange Polska, sala 3.44 ul. Twarda 18, 00-105 Warszawa

Forum "Synergy of PV Systems and Distribution Grids" took place in Warsaw on the 6th of June 2013. The Forum was organized by the Polish Society for Photovoltaics in the frame of project PV GRID financed by the European Commission Framework Program CIP Intelligent Energy Europe. There were of around 70 participants. Speakers and the attendees represented different areas of the PV sector in Poland: governmental and local authorities, regulators and legislators, Distribution Systems Operators, other national institutions for energy, PV integration educators, as well as installation engineers and PV installers.

The Forum was organized under Honorary Patronage of: Energy Regulatory Office, (URE), Polish Transmission Operator (PSE Operator S.A), Distributing System Operator (RWE STOEN Operator), Fundacja Polski Kongres Gospodarczy, National Chamber of Electronics and Telecommunication (KIGEiT) and Polish Council of RE Association (PIGEO).

In the first part of the meeting the conditions of mass photovoltaic systems development in Poland and Europe were discussed. Speakers included Maciej Bando (Vice President, Energy Regulatory Office, URE), Janusz Pilitowski (Director, Department of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Economy), Cezary Szwed (Director, PSE Operator S.A.), Rainer Brohm (BSW-Solar) and Marie Latour (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) and dr Stanislaw M. Pietruszko (President, Polish Society for Photovoltaics).

During the second part of the Forum, the problems concerning the technical and administrative obstacles of connecting a large number of PV systems to the grid were presented.

Research results have been presented by Michel Vandenbergh (DERLAB), concerning the technical solutions available for increasing energy distribution grids' capacity. Rainer Brohm talked about existing regulatory barriers to grid integration. Zdzisław Muras (Director, Department of Law, Energy Regulatory Office, URE) spoke on reducing legal-administrative requirements and grid enhancements as a key issue for the development of the prosumer’s energy sector. The issues of development of national grid resources, and balancing the power system were covered by Cezary Szwed (PSE). From a developer's perspective a case study of connecting a PV system to grid was presented by Bartłomiej Zysiński (Maybatt). The final presentation was given by Robert Stelmaszczyk (President, RWE STOEN Operator) entitled "Connection to grid: vision from the Polish Distribution System Operator"

Mr. Jacek Najder, Chairman of the Subcommittee for Alternative Energy Sources of the Polish Parliament attended Forum.

The aim of the Polish Forum was to initiate dialogue and cooperation between the PV and the power industry to achieve the best solutions for Poland. In the discussion panel at the last part of Forum the participants had the opportunity to hear both energy professionals and companies and institutions representing the PV industry. As stressed by dr Pietruszko photovoltaics and energy industry have similar goals and the discussion could be very beneficial to confirm the synergy of priorities and discuss potential fears and myths that may arise in connection with the development of photovoltaics in Poland. He proposed integration of actions in the field of cooperation between photovoltaics and professional energetics and for establishing a platform for mutual actions in this area.

During the Forum the brochures prepared within IEE projects: PV LEGAL, PV GRID, PV-NMS-NET were distributed. Also materials from EPIA, SMA, PSE, RWE STOEN as well as copies of journals of Media partners were distributed.

Agenda: Download it here the English version

Agenda: Download here the Polish version

Pictures from the Polish Forum