Sweden PV GRID Forum

Organised by SvenskSolEnergi

Organizer: Swedish Solar Association, SvenskSolEnergi
Date: 26 April 2013
Time: 08h30-13h00
Westmanska palatset, Holl√§ndargatan 17, Stockholm

The target groups for PV GRID Forum "Grid integration of PV systems in Sweden" are DSO, electricity providers, (PV) contractors, (PV) system developers and representatives for authorities. The event was attended by close to 50 participants of which 10 representatives of DSO's and 10 representatives from electricity providers. The forum will be followed by a workshop in spring 2014 where we will present and discuss the main results and recommendations from PV GRID.   

Agenda: View it or dowload it here

Registration:  kansli(at)svensksolenergi.se

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Pictures from the Swedish Forum