Bulgarian PV GRID Workshop - March 26th 2014 - Sofia

Organizer: Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association

Date: March 26th , 2014

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Venue: House of Europe, Conference room

In compliance with its engagement to the PV Grid project the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association organized the national PV Grid workshop on March  26th 2014. In total 26 representatives of the sector, in particular servants of the Regulatory Commission, the DSOs, Policy Makers and NGOs were invited to the workshop.  16 participants took part in the event. Those participants represented mainly  two of the three Bulgarian electricity distribution companies, the Bulgarian Solar Association, the Institute of Energy Management, the Bulgarian Energy Forum and the private PV sector. Unfortunately no representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, the Regulatory Commission and the state owned companies (the National Electric Company, the Bulgarian public supplier and the TSO) attented the workoshop.

The workshop was opened by Ms. Meglena Rusenova, Chairperson of the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association, who welcomed the audience and presented the workshop’s objectives. The BPVA team informed the participants about the project key facts, already gained project outcomes and identified technical solutions. After a short break a discussion panel began in order to clarify how the assessed barriers could be overcome and the technical solutions implemented.

Most discussed were the rules forbidding RES energy curtailment except for security issues. The topic is very relevant for Bulgaria right now, since the PV and wind energy generation has been limited with 60% between 10:00 and 17:00h for the 13 sunniest days since 19th of March 2014. In 2013 curtailments were imposed on the PV generation in total 24 days in the sunny April, May and June. Objective data and arguments for the necessity of the curtailments were not given. The producers of solar and wind energy are not compensated for their financial losses. Despite of the European legislation the renewable energy in Bulgaria is not dispatched with priority.

Other problems which were discussed were the role of the DSOs which are not considered active party in terms of the management and balancing of the network in Bulgaria as well as the proper mechanism for DSO costs recovery. The participants in the workshop pointed the lack of legislation and normative framework as the main barriers for the realization of the most technical solutions. For this reason the workshop attendance by the policy makers and the regulator would have contributed for more fruitful discussion. 

Download the documents of the workshop here

Bulgarian Workshop pictures