French PV GRID Bilateral meetings, March 2014

Instead of a single French national workshop, Enerplan has decided to discuss specific barriers with stakeholders one by one, taking in consideration their interest on each topic. This has avoided dealing with different interest levels and sometimes diverging visions between stakeholders.

Bilateral meetings with the most concerned stakeholders directly linked to photovoltaic (PV) grid integration were hold as follow:

  • Distribution System Operator: Electricité Réseau Distribution France (ErDF), 15th April 2014
  • Transmission System Operator : Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), 14th may 2014
  • Regulator: Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE), 16th April 2014
  • Ministry of environment, sustainable development and energy (MEDDE) : Direction Générale Energie Climat (DGEC), 17th April 2014

For each meeting, our contacts have reserved us a warm welcome. They were interested on the different topics we presented, and have reacted positively to our proposals. Discussions were constructive detailed. A real cooperation appeared with both grid operators, doubled with a willingness to seek synergies and continue the existing dialog between our organizations.

The interest on the PV GRID for the decision-makers we have met was either materialized by the benchmark possibilities that PV GRID offers, or the validation of some assessments they have.

Discusions went on the DSO access to advanced PV inverter capabilities, the self-consumption framework, a potential framework for DSO and Prosumer storage solutions in order to increase grid capacity availability. Development of smart-meter and smart-grid, implementation of European grid code were also discussed as a necessity to succeed in large PV integration to the grid.

All of the 4 bilateral meetings were very useful to promote the work realized in frame of PV GRID. As we have mainly axed the discussion on topics currently discussed, or questioned, at the national level, we were well welcome by every interlocutor.

Through these meetings, grid operators, energy regulator, Ministry could have seen the PV industry actors’ readiness to work with them in exploring, testing and deploying solutions that will facilitate the PV installations integration in the mutual interest of all parties.