Italian PV GRID Workshop - 27 March 2014 - Roma

Organizer: assoRinnovabili

Date: March 27th , 2014

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Venue: Sala conferenze assoRinnovabili

In Italy, in terms of total capacity installed, the majority of new DG installations (including mostly PV, but also biomasses/biogas and wind farms) is connected to the MV level of the distribution grid, and criticalities are limited to the cases where it is necessary to build new infrastructure connected to the HV grid, i.e. when DG generated power needs to be evacuated to the HV level due to insufficient load located close to DG. These criticalities usually also have an impact on the HV or EHV transmission level. In the LV level instead, where in terms of number of installations the majority of DG systems are connected, criticalities may appear locally, but do not have a systematic nature and are normally addressed during the connection phase.

At the moment the grid situations in general is critical mainly for “over capacity”: in particular there are about 27 GW of photovoltaic (18,5 GW) and wind plants (8,5 GW) in operation and there are also new 20 GW of combined cycle plants, installed in recent years. In addition it must consider that in Italy electricity demand is decreasing (less than 4% in 2013 compared to 2012)!

In this context, the workshop was very useful for the participants, as opportunity of discussion about purpose’s project and often the interesting debate has involved the network system’s problems in general, not only focused on how to improve the connection of new PV power in distribution grids. For example some participants agreed about an ancillary service’s market if the solution proposed for “curtailment” was adopted by significant number of plants. In general the discussion also revealed the importance of supporting self-consumption together with storage systems.

The workshop was organized in Rome at the headquarters of assoRinnovabili and was attended by the following operators:

  • Distribution System Operator – Enel Distribuzione;
  • Renewable association: assoRinnovabili;
  • PV operators;
  • Representative of the other Distribution System Operators – Federutility;
  • Transmission System Operator – Terna;
  •  Storage Operator –Fiamm.

Unfortunately Energy Regulator and National Policy Makers were unable to participate 

Italina Workshop pictures