Slovakian PV GRID Bilateral meetings - April/May 2014

In April and early May 2014 SAPI has organized four bilateral meetings with two of three Slovak distribution system operators (DSO), ministry of economy and the regulatory body in Slovak republic with ten attendatns from these institutions in total. 

In each of the meetings SAPI at first stage promoted the PV GRID project itself with its results adjusted to each meeting‘s needs. The very important point in each meeting was the possibility to discuss the actual issues and prepare a space for the better future cooperation. In order to reach one of the project aims – reduce barriers in wider deployment of PV capacity in the distribution systems across the member states. We also brought different topics into discussion with every partner, for example besides actual problems the new visions.

It is important to underline that there is a strong will of each institution to be involved in the processes of preparation of our ideas and proposals. They have demonstrated they are open to discuss our needs and problems any time. It is needed to add that SAPI created pressure on them using official instruments (regulatory body) and they could not feel comfortable sometimes.

Anyways there are a lot of existing issues to deal with each institution and therefore a big part of agenda of the meetings was dedicated to actual problems and search for the proper solutions. SAPI tried to use this opportunity to discuss also their new legislative intensions with the view from perspective of ministry, regulatory and distribution system operator. The comments made by attendants helped us to better recognize and understand also their needs.

Some of the most important highlights which came from the meetings are :

-          DSOs in Slovakia have no problem with the capacity in the grid, the are able to operate lots of MWh in time. But in the contrary they are under prohibition  status with all new renewable sources applications. They have to act like this because the transmission system operator (TSO) experiences problems with the stability of transmission system. There is an obligation for Slovak TSO named SEPS to build new cross-boarder corridors with Hungary and Czech republic by 2018.

-          The biggest issue in PV theme for DSOs is the relative voltage change between phases and unfortunately it is not in the scope of PV GRID project. DSOs do not have problems with the capacity in the grid.

-          We presented our vision in „zero grid injection“ PV system – the very similar system to existing „small PV system“ in legislative framework which brings hope for the industrial segment to grow. After introduction and technical explanations this idea was accepted as a good draft that needs to be worked out.

-          Every partner was open to take a part in later preparation of this new legal iniciative and we discussed to prepare the basic draft and organize the workgroup where each of institution will be present.

-          The last but not least point is that the most important PV stakeholders are now open to cooperate with SAPI, discuss and search for functional models of PV deployment in Slovakia.