Swedish PV GRID workshop - March 11th, 2014 - Stockholm

Organizer: Svensk solenergi

Date: 11 March 2014

Venue: office of Svensk Energi, Stockholm

On the 11th March 2014, a meeting with 1 representative for Svensk Energi and 9 representatives of DSO's took place in the office of Svensk Energi in Stockholm. The Consultation version of the Advisory paper with Key recommendations was circulated to all participants as well as was summarized in a Powerpoint  presentation.

The consultation version of the Advisory paper as well as the presentation from the workshop, have also been communicated with representatives for Energimyndigheten(Energy Agency), Ministry for enterprise) and Villaägarföreningen (consumer organization). There was limited positive feed-back.

Main workshop feed-back: Sweden is in an early stage of market development. Main worry for the time being is 1-phase installations and lack of experience among DSO’s and installers. This will partly be handled with a new handbook (guidelines) for microproduction. Second worry is the lack of support schemes as the investment subsidy may end and the proposed tax reduction may not be reality in the near future.

Download the documents of the workshop here