Country: Austria

Please find below latest updates as regards national policy and legal-administrative changes. For more information on these measures you may contact the national association, contact details are available here

March 2014 - Investment Grant

Since the 13th of March 2014 a new budget in the amount of € 26.8 million, financed by the Climate and Energy Fund, is available for the investment grant. This year it is new that the investment grant (€ 275per kWp) is also available for companies and not only for private households as in previous years. Its availability is limited to 5 kWp of PV-systems. It is allowed to build bigger plants; however you will only get a financial support for 5 kWp. 

February 2014 - New Decree released

Austria has released a new decree concerning the tax that has to be paid for the gains of operating a PV system, in which the fee (1.5 cent per kWh) for self-consumed energy was mentioned once again. Though, there is an exemption limit of 5000 kWh. If a system operator uses more than 5000 kWh on his own, he has to pay this fee for the whole electricity he consumes. Although the fee, which has to be paid to the ministry of finance, already exists since several years, it is an acute problem now because of the new decree. 

July 2013

Measure n°1: Feed in Tariff: The system and rate of the FiT was slightly changed. New is the additional investment fund (plus Feed-in-tariff) for small PV systems.

Measure n°2: Grid connection: Problems in connecting PV systems to the grid in the federal state of lower Austria occurred. Reasons: The grid capacity of the distribution grid is not sufficient to connect the given power. All PV systems bigger than 5 kWp are offered by the grid operator, to connect the PV system to an other connection point, which is closer to the transformer station. This raises the cost for PV systems.

Measure n°3: A new guideline for constructing a PV system concerning the fire security has been established. Further costs arise and additional man hour are necessary to build the system.

April 2013 - Investment fund

Since April 2013 an amount of 36 mil. euro for the investment fund is available. With this budget more than 24000 PV systems can be supported in Austria. The maximum supported system size is 5 kWp. Compared to the year before, the support has been reduced from 800 to 300 euro per kWp. An innovation this year is the possible application all year long. Via online tool you are able to check how much support money is still available. A quick reply concerning funding commitment or refusal is possible. Within 3 months after registration the plant has to be built. No combined funding is allowed any more.

July 2012 - New RES law

A new RES law has been set in force since July 2012. Only PV systems smaller than 500 kWp are now supported. With the adoption of the new law, the green power generator certificate for PV plants smaller than 5 kWp is not necessary any more.  


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