Country: Netherlands

You can find hereafter a list of negative measures that have been adopted or are about to be adopted that may affect the development of PV, for more information on these measures please contact the national association, contact details are available here

July 2013

General information on the development of the PV market: Over the last 12 to 18 months, the market for PV systems has seen a strong growth in most segments, in particular in residential roof top systems. In addition, the first ground mounted large scale PV systems are being developed. This positive development goes hand in hand with the progress on reduction of legal and administrative barriers.

Negative measures

Measure n°1: Changes in support scheme: The subsidy for purchasing small PV systems for rooftop residential installations will be phased out over the next months, as the cap on the available budget will be reached. The support scheme for larger size systems (>15 kWp) will continue to be in place. 

Positive measures

Measure n°1:Net-metering extended: The limitation on the number of kWh net-metered for small size roof top systems has been removed. On the other hand, net-metering for larger size systems (i.e. with a grid connection of more than 3 x 80A) is still not regulated.

Measure n°2: Quality Label in place: Since early 2013, the ‘Zonnekeur’ Quality mark and the underlaying training program has been introduced, allowing PV project developers to select certified experienced suppliers and installers. 

Measure n°3: Grid connection procedures easing:   Grid operators are working on easing the administrative procedures for grid connection, in particular for the large segment of small residential PV systems thanks to the introduction of the one-stop-portal .