Country: Portugal 

Please find below latest updates as regards national policy and legal-administrative changes. For more information on these measures you may contact the national association, contact details are available here

January 2013 - Reductions in the FiT

On 31st December 2013 two new administrative rules were published: 430/2012 e 431/2012, which establish the power allocation for 2013. In what concerns the miniproduction, the power allocation is the same (30 MW), whereas in the microproduction it has increased 10 % (from 10 to 11 MW).

Both administrative rules establish the feed-in-tariff for the two segments. The administrative rules establish significant reductions, high above of what was expected. The reduction in the miniproduction is 30%; and in the microproduction is 40%. These harsh reductions do not allow the Portuguese market to fully develop. 

The reduction in the tariff implies a false reduction of the prices of the materials involved in a PV system. Yet, for the year 2013, a reduction of the prices of the materials in the same proportion as the reduction of the tariffs is not expected. Bearing this in mind, the reduction of the tariffs may have a direct impact in the period of payment of the PV system.


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