Country: Slovakia

Please find below latest updates as regards national policy and legal-administrative changes. For more information on these measures please contact the national association, contact details are available here

January 2014 - G-component fee

Regulatory body (ÚRSO) in their Ordinance on price regulation in electricity (number 221/2013) introduced new fee for reservation of capacity on grid of producers. There are two levels: reservation of capacity on transmission network and reservation of capacity on distribution network. Reservation of capacity fee on transmission network is clearly listed on 0,5 €/MWh, but reservation of capacity fee on distribution network is unreadable described as "30% of standard annual reservation of capacity fee of consumer" and even more on different each voltage levels. Effectively this mean that based on 2013 numbers will 1 MW PV source would pay roughly 20 000 € per year. On distribution network level this fee is not based on injected energy, but on installed power.

December 2013 - New legislative changes

  • The solar tax debate for the moment has stopped (due to low revenue counted from this tax)
  • The FIT have been changed to 89.94eur/MW since January 1st 2014
  • Significant lowering of administrative and bureaucracy load for the installers of household installations with maximum size 10kWp that do not require any support via FIT since January 2014

July 2013 - Solar tax debate

Slovak government started talking about introducing "Solar Tax" similar to Czech republic in July 2013. There were no further details officially published, but there were rumour about level 10% to 27% from FiT. Fortunately on November ministry of finance published information about non-effective matter of this Solar tax. For 2013 is sure that Solar tax will not be introduced. However it is not clear if there will not be possibility to start this idea over in any future.

March 2013 - Cancellation of support

Following the cancellation of support for systems larger than 100kWp in 2011, the Slovak government approved in March 2013 an amendment to the energy law that introduces a power limitation to 30kWp for PV systems that can receive incentives effective from July 2013, damaging any further development of the residential solar sector.

July 2012 - Unplanned support reduction 

A sudden decrease of the FiT (up to 38.77%) in the middle of the regulatory period 2012 - which was not in line with the Law governing the scheme- resulted to a cumulative decrease of 54% in the level of the FiT since 2011. By announcing the new level of FiTs just one month before they were launched, the regulator deprived from the investors the opportunity to finalize running installation processes within the old FiT conditions thus creating an economically unpredictable environment for investments in PV.

July 2011 - Cancellation of support

Effective from July 2011 the maximum limit of capacity for PV installations that can receive a FiT for building rooftop systems is reduced to 100kWp, not taking into account the consumption of the owner. As a result SMEs with higher consumption are not motivated to install PV and act green. In addition, ground-mounted systems are now restricted by the Slovakian legal-administrative framework, including off-grid PV plants larger than 100kWp.


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