Country: Sweden

Please find below latest updates as regards national policy and legal-administrative changes. For more information on these measures please contact the national association, contact details are available here.

September 2014

Election for a new government.  

June 2014 - Delayed tax credit

The proposed tax credit (see "Tax law" below) will be delayed until January 15 due to uncertainties about tax implications and comments from the European Commission. 

The Swedish Energy Agency decides that another 42 million SEK (out of 210 below) can be used for the investment subsidy for PV installations with the same terms as of below. 

February 2014 - Tax law

The proposed tax credit is increased to maximum 30 000 kWh per year and sent for review (lagr√•dsremiss).  The tax law is supposed to be accepted by the parliament in June and be valid for 2014, i.e. the tax credit for 2014 can be applied for in 2015.    

Autumn 2013- Funding for investment subsidies

The Swedish Energy agency decides that another 50 million SEK (out of the 210 below) can be used for the investment subsidy for PV installations with the same terms as of below.  

June 2013 - Results on the net metering scheme

The result of the public inquire about net metering is presented. The commission has found that net metering is in conflict with EU VAT laws and presents instead a proposal with an annual tax credit for small systems.  The tax credit is supposed to compensate for energy tax and VAT on the amount of electricity fed into the grid and bought back during one year.  The annual tax credit is valid for maximum 10 000 kWh per year. The tax credit can in best case be implemented early 2014.  

December 2012 (valid 2013) - Investment subsidies for 2013

The Swedish government decides that 100 million SEK (out of the 210 below) can be used for the investment subsidy for PV installations from 1 February 2013 to December 2013.  The terms are 35% per cent of eligible cost up to 37 SEK/kW and 1.2 million SEK per project.  The majority of applicants that will get the subsidy approved during 2013 have applied for the subsidy in 2011 and early 2012.

September 2012 - Investment subsidies

The Swedish government assigns 210 million SEK (about 25 million Euro) for PV investment subsidies during 2013-2016 in the 2013 national budget.

April 2012 - Public inquire about net metering

The Swedish government announces a public inquire about net metering. The assigned commission should propose how net metering can be implemented and also consider other matters related to energy taxes on (renewable) electricity. The commission should present their findings in June 2013. 

July 2009 (valid until December 2012) - Investment subsidies

The Swedish government introduces an investment subsidy for PV installations with annual financing of around 60 million SEK and annual terms, e.g. first 60% and later 45% per cent subsidy of eligible maximum cost in SEK/kW. The amount of applications exceeds from the very beginning the available amount of subsidies with more than 100%, with the implication that the waiting time for an approved application becomes longer and longer. The subsidy was initially valid from July 2009 to December 2011 and then extended to December 2012 in November 2011.