Project Presentation

The overall goal of the PV GRID Project is to help reduce the legal, administrative and regulatory barriers that are delaying or complicating the large scale integration of photovoltaic (PV) systems on electricity distribution infrastructures across Europe. This will be achieved by analyzing the barriers, the solutions and by formulating regulatory and normative recommendations.

Even after the success of the PV LEGAL project and although many countries have already implemented strategies to develop the PV market and favorable PV support policies, there is still a need to ease the administrative requirements and procedures necessary for installing, connecting to the grid and operating a PV system across Europe. This is exactly one of the main objectives of the PV GRID project, to identify those barriers and by updating and maintaining the Database created for the PV LEGAL project, to reduce them for each one of the 16 EU countries that are participating to the PV GRID project.

Due to the European outreach of the PV GRID participants and thanks to the targeted dissemination actions that will be put in place during the 30 months course of the project, knowledge transfer will be favored between the EU Member States.