Project Flow

The PV GRID project followed up the achievements of the PV LEGAL project and  more particularly focused on the regulatory and normative barriers that complicate the implementation of technical solutions for a better PV grid integration. Simultaneously, the project consortium  continued providing transparency with regard to administrative barriers for PV system installations. The project work programme consists of the following 4 Work Packages.

WP1: Management

In order to ensure efficient management of the project by all the partners, the project activities and results will be periodically reviewed and directed by an advisory committee composed by partners and externals experts acting as advisors. During the whole duration of the project there will be organized 4 advisory committee meetings, in order to achieve the project goals. In addition there will be 3 project meetings including a kick-off and a final project meeting, in which all project partners participate in order to assess project progress, redefine strategies and verify the achievement of all project milestones.

WP2: Research & PV LEGAL database

PV GRID will make sure that the PV LEGAL database is updated, maintained and extended during the project duration. The PV LEGAL database is a powerful and established tool that hosts the information on PV development processes and major barriers across key European countries. It also presents a quantification of practical experiences of industry stakeholders with regards to labor, cost and time involved to comply with these processes, while especially highlighting legal-administrative barriers that PV project developers face during these processes.

WP3: Working groups & Recommendations

As a third step, the main focus of PV GRID will be to focus on regulatory and normative challenges linked to the integration of high shares of PV electricity into the distribution system (DS) with the goal to contribute to overcoming such barriers. This will be achieved by setting up 3 working groups in which project partners and external experts will collaborate in researching and analysing the issues and discuss solutions on a trans-national level, in order to prepare the grounds for large-scale integration of PV systems on distribution grids across Europe and bring forward concrete suggestions on how this can be achieved. The 3 following working groups are defined within the project:

·         Discussion of technical issues and solutions on the network and consumer Side

·         Discussion of technical issues and solutions on the PV system side

·         Discussion on regulatory and normative barriers laying in grid expansion and operation frameworks

All working group activities and results will be closely reviewed and directed by the Advisory Committee.

WP4: EU & National Dissemination

As a final step, discussion and dissemination of the results of the project will be promoted on European and national level with the aim of initiating processes that lead to the implementation of the project recommendations. By organizing national workshops or bilateral meetings, national forums, 2 European Forums (to present the first project outcomes and its final conclusions) and publishable reports the partners or the project will promote the adoption of the PV GRID recommendations.  


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