PV Legal Project

The overall goal of the PV LEGAL Project which ran until February 2012 has been to work on overcoming legal-administrative barriers during planning and installation processes (including grid connection) of photovoltaic (PV) systems. The project consortium aimed at improving the framework conditions for PV in Europe and to allow for faster and more efficient market development in the various countries.

The PV LEGAL project has been analysing the bureaucratic processes and their barriers over the 36 months of its duration and subsequently worked actively with the major sector actors to remove and simplify them.

Some of the outcomes of the project were: 

  • more transparency with regards to administrative roadblocks in the participating countries
  • significant improvements by streamlining the procedures for PV system planning, constructing and operating
  • a considerable cost reduction potential for PV investors during the planning procedure of a PV system
  • an expansion of PV markets

Different publications were realized in the course of the project:

  • Advisory papers

  • PV Industry Survey Results
  • Key Recommendations

PV LEGAL’s publication, “Key Recommendations”, proposes and defines ways to remove or simplify permitting procedures and grid connection of PV systems, identified in the course of the project duration. 

The recommendations developed in this publication include:

 - Creating lean and appropriate permitting procedures, and a one-stop shop for all permissions

 - Defining deadlines, and giving better guidance to planning authorities

 - Involving the PV industry in bodies in charge of defining technical standards

 - Making technical standards and grid connection rules binding and exclusive

 - Streamlining grid connection procedures and setting penalties for not respecting deadlines

 - Seriously addressing grid capacity issues by evaluating costs, benefits and the potential for grid extension and improvement and developing strategic grid concepts taking into account RES potentials.


Countries involved in the project were: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and England.

The PV LEGAL project has been a large success and  it is now being replaced by the PV GRID project.

You can find the link to the PV LEGAL website here